Ta Sneira- A che proposito

“…one cannot but wonder how an environment can make people despair and sit idle and then, by changing the conditions, one can transform the same people into matchless performers.”

Muhammad Yunus – Nobel Prize Laureate

Ta Óneira – The Project

Imagine a place to be free, to create, to learn,
to share a culture, to enjoy nature. Imagine a social business that promotes a sustainable economy, environmentally friendly tourism…

… Welcome to Ta Óneira

The project was born as a meeting point and as a space for change. We believe in the principles of Social Business:

We provide services to a market, therefore we generate our income through business activities, not grants, charity or subsidies. Through our work we aim for making an impact socially, culturally and environmentally. Our profits are reinvested in the business and social actions, thus increasing the impact as the company grows. We are open and democratic, anyone can come and share their ideas with us becoming part of the change they would like to see.


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