Retraites d’art

“I found I could say things with colour and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for.”

Georgia O’Keeffe

Art Retreats in Gozo with Ta Óneira

Travel sparks inspiration when we most need it, and Ta Óneira offers you the space, within the perfect scenery, Gozo, to explode your creativity.  We give you the possibility of learning and improving different techniques while enjoying your holidays. You can combine the retreats with our English Courses, or any of the activities we offer at Ta Óneira. Remember, with us, you design your holidays. 

In our courses, we will use different techniques adapted to the level of the participants who can also choose the themes of their paintings. We will face the “fear of the blank page” and talk about inspiration techniques that will help us face the art block, and also study different images and select artistic styles that will help us develop our work.

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  • Learn how to use your material
  • The importance of transparency
  • Gradients, layers and colour mixing
  • Master the essential watercolour techniques
  • The use of Chinese ink
  • Create effects with everyday items
  • The effect in colourless areas


  • Learn how to use your material
  • Improve the quality of your canvas
  • Colour and texture
  • Background and sketches
  • Theory of colour 
  • Sunset gradient 
  • Mixed media
  • Meet and imitate artistic styles

                     Chalk Pastel

  • Learn how to use your material
  • Features and Benefits of the Soft Pastel
  • Blurs and details
  • Light, shadow and back light
  • Bring colour to life
  • Accentuate brightness 
  • Depth effects