Corporate customised English tuition

Lead with confidence and unlock global success by being involved in providing English fluency for your workforce

At Ta Óneira, we are dedicated to empowering company leaders eager to improve their employees’ English fluency.
Our mission is to cultivate a workforce that excels in cross-cultural and multilingual interactions.
Our bespoke, tailor-made English sessions are meticulously designed to boost confidence and assurance in your team. Whether negotiating, coordinating, communicating, or moderating meetings, our courses ensure your employees can perform comfortably in English.
Invest in your team’s linguistic skills and watch your business thrive globally.

"If you really look closely, most overnight successes. took a long time"


Tailored English Programs for Unique Teams

Online group sessions

Your team is as unique as your business. Ta Óneira crafts personalised English language programs for groups of a maximum of 4 students, aligning with your goals and challenges.
We integrate essential language skills with real-world business scenarios, guaranteeing immediate and enduring fluency

Online One to one sessions

Highly recommended for leaders, department managers, and CEOs looking forward to boosting their English fluency in a private, tailored environment.
Adaptability is the pillar of our approach. We program our sessions to fit your demanding schedule, focusing on the communication skills specific to your industry and projects.

Flexibility and professionalism

Your time and confidentiality are crucial.
Our highly skilled instructors sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), providing a secure and professional learning environment while adapting to your office schedule.
Unlock your full potential with personalised English training that fits into your professional life.

Contact Ta Óneira today to know more about how our Customised Corporate English programs can take your company to new heights.
Together, we will build a brighter future for your business

Unleash your team’s fluency with our Intensive English Program in Gozo

Boost your team’s communication skills with our specialised Intensive English Program on the beautiful island of Gozo. Tailored specifically for corporate business English, this program can be customised to fit your team’s unique needs.
Experience full immersion at our state-of-the-art facilities, enhancing your English training with dynamic Team Building Activities. Maximise your investment in your team’s language skills and cohesion by joining us in Gozo.
Transform your team’s fluency and teamwork into an unforgettable experience!

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