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If you have come this far, we guess you are looking for the best solution to continue improving your English. We are sure we can give you a hand reaching your goal at your own pace.

Our sessions are motivating and dynamic so get ready for a fun 30 minutes speaking session!

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Refresh your English

Studying with us is a whole experience, not just another English course. We will guide you through the learning process focusing on the use of English and encouraging you to practice as much as possible in a group of a maximum of four students.  

You will receive personal attention. Not only in the classroom but also after the bell rings. We will guide you through the hidden treasures of the island and strengthen your confidence to meet and talk to the local and international community who live in Gozo. 

The flexibility is total: you set your goals, pace, kind of course… diving in the morning? hiking after lunch? going on a kayak excursion? painting at night? renting a boat for the whole day? going climbing? That is Ok with us! It is your holiday!

You want to learn, travel and improve your English but…

You can’t find a place to study English and make the most out of your holidays

You would love to travel more but don't feel confident enough because you are not fluent in English

You experience difficulties when being a student at conventional English schools

You already speak English but you don't have time to practise and improve it, and you feel that you are forgetting what you once learnt

You feel ashamed, stressed, and shy when you need to speak the language and you often choose not to say a word and let your friends do all the talking.

… welcome to Ta Óneira!

Find yourself at home learning English with a maximum of 4 students in a group who share your exact needs and goals.

Feel confident and relaxed communicating your thoughts and ideas in a familiar atmosphere where everybody has the chance to speak.

Be in good hands. Our certified teachers are always approachable and respond to your needs, whether a grammatical question or where to dine this evening.

Make your experience relevant to you with an English program adapted to your final objective.

Explore the island and discover its treasures with students from different countries

Our students say… to us anyway!

We have always been lucky to meet incredible travellers from all over the world.  It seems they are happy with us too! Every time we read or hear these words our hearts burst with joy. Check out our Facebook or Google page to see more reviews from awesome people.